Friday, July 25, 2008

Agri Gold Estates & Entertainments -Agri Gold destinations a world of sensations

The success dossier "AGRI GOLD" has added another leaf by unfolding the strategic diversification into Leisure and Entertainment Industries by establishing cultural and entertainment destinations. In these destinations, where Temple Tourism of India with Buddhism and Hinduism comes alive, culture and entertainment will have the central focus in the thrilling and natural environs. Agri Gold destinations are the best eco-tourist spots where the exhilaration of fun and frolic becomes a life time experience in serene and sanctified ambience which abounds physical and spiritual happiness.

Architects from Australia, creating the theme, will adopt the Traditional Temples and Buddhism architecture to recreate the past glories that give you an insight into the rich legacy. Strategically these destinations of Culture, Entertainment, Spirituality and Traditional Healing and Rejuvenation will be developed closer to the heritage places.

Culture and Entertainment will focus in these destinations. In the first phase, the exclusive creations are being established at Vijayawada, Vishakapatnam, Hyderabad and BANGALORE.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


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Monday, June 16, 2008

Agri Gold Group

The Group has its firm faith in agriculture and agri based industries, which plays a pivotal role in furthering and strengthening the economy of India. With the objectives clearly envisioned and defined, the Group has begun its activities to promote Corporate Cultivation. In the words of Sri V.R.Rao Avvas, CMD, who has taken up the Corporate objective as a mission to be fulfilled, "My team and I will build this Company as dynamic and diversified conglomerate, which shall be ever growing Empire", to promote evergreen revolution, in sectors, that are the catalysts for economic growth, which have multiplier effect on employment generation and socio economic development of the rural and semi urban areas, adopting environment friendly technologies. Agri Gold Group expanded the activities into every system of agriculture and industry, which sustain on another. Every thing recycled and becomes a valuable product somewhere. The company with sustained growth as strategic corporate plans diversified into businesses that keep up the Vibrancy of expansion with Credibility and Quality as head and heart of the Group.

Agri Gold, since its incorporation in the year 1995, has been implementing new ideas, developed intellectual partnerships and formulated solutions for success, to lead the Flag of Agri Gold to a new concept of Corporate Cultivation (farming in extensive lands, live-stock development), Processing the farm produce for value added products and Marketing under one banner.

The Company originated with focus on Integrated Corporate Farming and gradually developed into Agri Industrial Group, expanding into every system of agricultural activity through productive blend of backward and forward integration projects. The produce of agriculture including waste is processed to manufacture value added products. With Food processing, Power Generation, Dairy, Milk and Milk products, Housing and Real Estate Development, Entertainment Projects, Exports, Mining, Organic Manures, Health & Beauty Care and Publications.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Seed Processing Unit

With the objective to process Hybrid seeds, the Company made efforts both in the farm lands and research to produce the best. Result has been excellent with Paddy, Vegetables, Cotton and Maize seeds and the width of the range will be increased, over the time. An enhanced yield and resistance to disease is the Motto. The seed processing unit is set up at Agri Gold industrial and farm estate, keesara, NH-9, 40 k.m. away from Vijayawada on the highway towards Hyderabad .

Food Processing Unit

Agri Gold Foods - A Blend of Love and Tradition

This Division manufactures different types of processed foods under the brand name Agri Gold such as Whole Spice Powders like Chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Coriander, Black pepper powder etc., Blended spice powders (Mixed spice powders - Masalas) like kitchen queen garam masala, chat masala, chana masala, meat masala, chicken masala etc., Instant snack food mixes such as Ravva Idly mix, Dosay mix, Gulab Jamun mix, Kheer mix, Custard Powders in different flavors, Health drink powders such as Ragi Malt, Badam Milk Mix etc. and Anju Brand Pickles - a 14 verities such as Mango pickle, tomato pickle, lemon pickle etc.

The Company cultivates 60% of the ingredients, and the best of the produce is selected for processing, to ensure the purity. The process involves system that retains the original Freshness, Fragrance, Flavor and the Healing profile of the individual ingredients and every care is exercised to precision, to retain the natural flavor to give a pleasant feel that helps relish the food to the best original taste.

Spices, too many, since ages, are known as agents that add to taste and hence the valued culinary ingredients. This was more of ignorance than appreciation. Very few know that spices have a more beneficial healing role than taste and which fact was extensively scripted in Ayurveda, the Indian life sciences, a treasure of Natural Medicines. Agri Gold, the Company that values Ayurveda Tradition, has adopted the guidelines from theses scriptures, while blending, to extend the beneficial values of healing in entirety, so that your eating will be a pleasure with a measure of health added.

We have detailed the virtues of these ingredients to appraise you on their wonderful activity, and the knowledge we have researched we share, as, it is your well being we care.

The individual spices have a unique profile of healing and if they are blend to a certain proportion, the medicinal value is enhanced. Agri Gold, ever in the pursuit to give the best to its esteemed patrons, has spread no effort to take advice from the experts in the field to create the blends to perfection that would help establish a bond, perennial, between the customer and its products.

Spices, since times immemorial are valued as the nature's blessings to mankind. Every country has the tradition, native to itself, to use these spices. Agri Gold to the culinary experts and connoisseurs of food, across the world, brings the best of the Indian Tradition, through these special blends to give everyone the Taste with Health, which India is proud off.

Food served with Love, and, Medicine administered with care, create a lasting impression of oneness. Agri Gold, esteems every patron, therefore we have created these blends with Love, adopting the richest of the traditions, for a long lasting relation.

We claim with pride, that Agri Gold spices, pickles and other food products are not simple formulae, they are the blends fortified with feelings of care for you and your family.

Food Processing Unit

Amruthavarshini Dairy Farms

Milk and Milk Products, processed on the most advanced machinery.

The Dairy has the technology transfer from the De Laval, a well known Swedish Company. The Process of milking from the udder to the plant for processing is mechanized. The Company is proposing to invest in down -stream projects to process the flavored milk & yoghurt for domestic demand. Efforts are to source the appropriate technologies to process milk and other dairy products for value addition.

Amruthavarshini Dairy Farms Pvt. Ltd.,

Agri Gold Power Projects Ltd.

Bio mass based Power Generation with total self sustenance

The extensive agricultural activity of the Company spread over thousands of acres in its captive farms generates substantial quantities of the bio - mass waste which otherwise is being burned and rendered useless despite the fact that it has good calorific value for generating power using this as fuel.

This has brought in another latent opportunity for the Company to plan setting up the plant to consume the bio mass waste as fuel to generate power. The bio mass of not only the Company but the bio mass waste from other fields should also be consumed. This has motivated towards setting up the facility to generate power. The location of the Plant is in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh.

The entire power generated after providing for the internal consumption is being wheeled to the grid of the state Government.

Power Project
Agri Gold Projects Ltd

Agri Gold Multimedia - The Publications sector of the Group

Agri Gold Multimedia has been publishing Swarna Sedyam, the bilingual monthly magazine since 1997, which is popular among the Agricultural Community of the Country. The focus of this magazine is one the information related to the latest trends, technologies and other productive practices for better yields and therefore economic gains in Agriculture.

The success of the existing magazine and the support of the vast customer base spread over India and abroad motivated the enterprise to plan another monthly publication Nadhi in Telugu for the regular readership in Andhra Pradesh and the Telugu people residing in other states of India and Countries of the World who are being aimed at as the target readers.

The objective is to make this magazine a Wisdom source. The features would extensively carry the analysis of the Social, Economic and Political Systems, apart from the general features giving importance to all the age groups of every profile.

Agri Gold Exims Limited - The Export Gateway of the Group

Agri Gold Exims Limited is the frontline company for Agri Gold Group's Exports and Imports. 'Agri Gold' is exporting its own products and also other products like Garments, Chemicals, Rice, Aroma Products to Asian, Europe, Middle East and West African countries.

AgriGold Organics (P) Limited - Fertilizers Division

AgriGold organics (P) Limited Is another prestigious company in Agri Gold Group. The activities of the Company is manufacturing Bio Organic Fertilizers and Manures and Bio Pesticides in one segment and Herbal / Medicinal plants processing and Ayurvedic / Herbal formulations in another segment.

This project essentially produces the organic manure using the process of organic ingredients and fortified with other agricultural additives such as neem powder and other herbal powders for better growth promotion and disease resistance.

The living Bacterial cultures are then added to the product depending upon the specific crop for which it is being used.

The organic manure & Bio-Fertilizers is being marketed as crop specific and soil specific. The specific crop would require a particular bacterial culture to fix nitrogen and other trace elements that are essential to bring back the lost fertility of the soil, restore and enhance the soil health for better yields.

The product with the bacterial culture, when added to the soil, will ensure multiplication of bacteria into a huge population which fix the atmospheric nitrogen.

Organics Pvt. Ltd.